Anonymous Story: My Stepdad Raped and Molested Me

Anonymous Story: My Stepdad Raped and Molested Me

I don’t remember what age I was when the molestation started. It was in one of my small houses, he called me in the room and started kissing me, ever since I was little I just thought it was a dream, but a dream CANNOT feel so real about something like that. The first time he raped me I tthink I was 10, I would always stay up late binge watching tv shows, then one night I hear a door crack open then he comes out and says “shhhh take off your pants”, I was so scared in that moment and I did it. He left and came back and brought grease, he sucked my breast, then he started running his penis Nd my vagina with the grease then he told me turn around, he forced himself inside me and kept doing it repeatedly, I was still and after that he told me don’t tell my mom or I’ll get in trouble, so I was silent. The next day we were watching tv on the couch as a family, me, my mom, and stepdad, he came close to me sitting on the couch and would put some blanket over me and start rubbing my vagina, then he waits for my mom to go to sleep and rape me all over again. Then my mom and him broke up because of financial problems and I thought I was finally free from my rapist. We lived with my uncle but my mom and her brother didn’t get along so we moved to another place in Charlotte. Then my mom had no car and she felt like she needed a man so she went back with him. Our new house we moved to had a den that was dark. So a few days after he moved in he would come in re living room where I was and my mom was already sleeping then start sucking on my breasts, I would try and kick him off but he would say come on and pull me back, then said open up your legs and spread my legs open and push himself down inside me that happened everyday repeatedly when my mom didn’t want to have sex he raped and molested me. One day it was school time and I was sleeping then felt someone on top of me and it was him pushing himself inside me and I said get off of me then he told me get up and come to the den and did it again. Then we moved and my older sister moved in with us and I was happy our house was small and there was no where for me to get molested and raped, but I was wrong he would come into the bedroom at about 1 a.m. when everyone was sleep and pull me to the couch and rape me again until one day my mom saw him about to put himself inside me, so I thought it would be over and he would go to jail from them but my mom let it go and she knew what he did. It took for my big sisters to find out from my younger sisters that it happened and she almost stabbed him, but I love my mom and I know she goes through a lot but she didn’t protect me so I don’t know how I’m supposed to really trust her, she always tells me if I don’t know how hurt she was when she found out by my sisters that her bastard of a husband was raping and molesting her kids but I don’t believe she could actually protect me because she already knew what he did to us and she didn’t do anything, my sister is the one who had to call the police when my mom said don’t



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