Anonymous Story: My Past

Hi, Ok this is tough actually still have nightmares to this day. Because of all the emotional sexual physical abuse from my ex husband who i married at 16.. I Was a child he would buy me and my friends drinks later on. I would wake up the next day not knowing that he drugged us and slept with us if that was bad enough his friends was in on it. It was a game to him and i didn’t even remember but id wake up with a bad headache couldn’t walk.. this happened to me for a few yrs. I was ashamed felt it was my fault. I thought i was soo worthless its took me 10 yrs to stop blaming myself. and havent seen him in 10 yrs i got sole custody of the kids after i kicked him out one day 3 months ago after all this time with therpist and a great man who loves me and my kids. I ran into my ex at a store he asked if he could come talk to me. I said No never. theres so much in the past that has scared me to this day and just being able to stand on my on feet is truely a blessing



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