Anonymous Story: My father said that I was “stupid”

Anonymous Story: My father said that I was “stupid”

I was 19 and he was a father of my best friend S.N. HE was a close friend of my family and my father was about to start a business venture with him. It happened when HE was drunk, I was paralysed in my best friend’s bedroom (HIS daughter’s bed) while she was in another room chatting with her friends on the phone, about the next rave party she was about to attend. HE, once he was done and realised what HE did, first offered me money, then HE called me and apologised as it was a car accident damage…I told my step mother who only cared about her own daughter, she told my father. My father came to my room drunk and asked me what happened, he was ready to drive a car drunk across Melbourne and “bash HIM up”. I told him nothing. Next day my father and my step mother assumed that I must have lied. I was numb for months without options, my father was my sponsor and there were several months to the visa requirements to expire. HE explained to himself that I am OK since I had no choice to do anything and HE tried again. I left my father’s house and never returned. I sought help from a Centrelink social worker who assessed me as eligible for an early payment and my father was required to pay the Australian Government back. I was not offered any support with reporting it, apparently, I was “lucky” to even get that and not be deported. 7 years later my mother who was overseas died of cancer, my father called and used this opportunity to tell me that I was “stupid”.
Today, I am 35 and I am a social worker myself. I have history of two attempted suicides that the mainstream medical system blames on either my genes or chemicals in my brain…My father is a good friend with HIM till date.



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