Anonymous Story: My Father? Of All People?! How Could This Happen To Me?!

Anonymous Story: My Father? Of All People?! How Could This Happen To Me?!

My Father walked out of my life when I was just 2 years old. No one knew why he left or where he went. I was left to grow up without a father. Luckily for me I had my Grandpa. He did everything with me that a father would do. Unfortunately, he passed away a week before my 11th birthday…

On my 16th birthday (November 2) my Nana got a phone call. She wasn’t home at the time so the caller had to leave a message, one that would change my life forever….

My father had called, out of the blue, and said that my Grandmother (his Mom) was very ill and he would like her to see me again before it was too late. My Nana called me (at my Moms) to explain this and said that I could either just meet my Grandmother or I could meet both her and my father. I told her I wanted to meet both of them. So, things were arranged and a week later I met my Grandmother, father and my fathers girlfriend.

A month and half passed and things were going well. I didn’t get to see him as often as I wanted, but we did have visits and his girlfriend was always with him. After Christmas we took it up a level and began sleepovers. I had one with my brother and sister and one with just my sister. I didn’t see him much during January because the winter weather was terrible and he lived an hour away so it made it hard. He told me on one of my visits that if I ever needed help with anything financially to let him know and he would help. So, I found out shortly after that there was a school trip to Scotland/Ireland the following year that I really wanted to go on. I had just started my first job 4 months prior so I didn’t have a whole lot saved up yet. I remembered what he said and asked him if he could help but he never gave me a straight answer. I had until April to get the money in. So, in the beginning of February, I decided that I wanted to have a sleepover on my own…

He picked me up that fateful day and we made our way to his town. He informed me on the way there that we were going to a friend of his and his girlfriends’ for a bit. We got to their friends’ place and I met their friends’ daughter and we hung out and had fun while the adults were drinking in the kitchen. Finally, at 9:30 pm my father and his girlfriend decided it was time to go. We hit the road and made it to their place a half hour later (and yes his girlfriend was drinking and driving, luckily we made it home safe). They made me a bed in their living room/kitchen combination and my Father and I started fooling around when he jolted and started complaining about his shoulder. I asked him if he was ok and he said he was but just needed to lay down so he went into his room. Shortly after, I went over to the doorway to see if he was ok and then he asked me to come lay beside him. I agreed and went and sat down beside him. We talked for a bit and then he pulled me closer to him. He then began to peck my lips and then started kissing deeper and deeper and began using his tongue. I tried to push him away but he was a lot bigger and stronger than me. His girlfriend was sound asleep beside us (she told me before that you could throw a brick at her while she was sleeping and she still wouldn’t wake up). Anyways, he stopped kissing me and then started slipping his hand up my shirt and messaging my breasts over my bra. Again, I tried to push him away and I told him to stop but he was much bigger and stronger than me. He then started to stick his fingers under my bra and continued to massage them. I was so scared at this point that I couldn’t move. It was if I was there but I wasn’t. He then began to slip his hand in my pants. I managed to turn my leg far enough that my thigh pressed against his hand causing him to pull his hand out. He then used his leg to keep my legs pinned. He began to slip his hand down my pants again. I know I should’ve screamed or kicked or something but I was so scared that I froze. He than began to move his hand and fingers over my Vagina. He did this for a few seconds and then stopped and pulled his hand out. He loosened his leg a bit which allowed me to struggle enough to get out of his grip and out of the bed. I ran to the bed they had made me and curled up in the tiniest ball and balled my eyes out. I was petrified. I had no way to get home because my Mom doesn’t drive and my Nana didn’t even know where my Father lived, nor did I. I shook profusely and cried, praying to god he wouldn’t come out of the room and take it farther than what he had already. Eventually I fell asleep…

The next morning, I got up and went over to the doorway. I convinced myself that the alcohol that was consumed the night before was to blame for what had happened and I thought maybe my father had forgotten what had happened the previous night. I said good morning and he said it back and asked me to come sit beside him again. Once again, I agreed and went and sat beside him again, this time on the edge of the bed. His girlfriend got up and went to have a shower. We were left alone… I didn’t say anything in hopes that he wouldn’t mention anything or try anything again. He started to kiss me again… this time he was hovering over me, so there was no way of getting away. I turned my head numerous times but it didn’t do much. He then began to touch me again in both places… I was in shock…I knew then and there that he knew what he was doing the night before and it wasn’t the alcohol to blame. He then lied down beside me and pulled the blankets over us. I was about to turn and roll out of the bed when his girlfriend walked in and saw us laying side by side and assumed we were cuddling or whatever so she didn’t suspect anything and she proceeded to grab something and walk back out. I didn’t want to say anything to her because I didn’t trust her. To be honest, I thought she would allow him to do whatever he wanted to me. Anyways, after she walked out I felt him grab my hand. I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. The next thing I know my hand is on his Penis, over his shorts. I pulled away, and surprisingly he let go. I looked at him briefly and saw him smirking. I then got out of the bed as fast as I could. Luckily, he didn’t try to stop me…..

I never said anything about this to anyone for 3 months… When I did, It made things 100 times better. The court stuff is not fun, but it needed to happen, but thats for another story…..




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