Anonymous Story: My brother raped me

Anonymous Story: My brother raped me

Hi I’m a 42 yrs woman and happy married with my husband and three children.iv been married for 18 years. My brother is 40 yrs and is also married to his wife and has two kids. My family and my brothers family always go on holiday together every year I it’s been great.anyway my brother separated from his wife so i went to stay with my brother for a few days on my own to comfort him.The first night we ordered takeaway and had wine and talked then went to sleep.In the morning I think my brother put some thought of sex drug in my tea because I started feeling sexually horny during the day and then at night time my brother must have put date rape drug in my wine because I remember my brother having sex with me every way possible and my brother also cum inside me at least 10 times.
In the morning I was shocked and confused and said no one could find out and it never happen again.but my brother recorded it and blackmail me.Then made me have sex with him again.
But I stop seeing him now.



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