Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

The first time it happens you though it was a dream, he was standing above you as sleep
Maybe he was worried and wanted to check on you, so you don’t say anything
The next time the tv is on and you don’t feel right when you wake up
The following time it happens is in daylight, he asks do you know where any towels are completely exposed
The last time it happened was on a Saturday morning, TMNT was on Fox kids when he walked into the room and rubbed my breast and said, “DON’T TELL I WILL BUY YOU A NEW PLAYSTATION 2 IF YOU DON’T TELL”
He kisses my neck and leaves me in the room
I found a phone and called my grandmother and TOLD HER WHAT HAD JUST HAPPEN she sent my Aunt to get me
A police report was filed and a detective came around but because no one told his location he was not put behind bars instead I was forced to see him around my sibling’s while I was safe with my grandmother
I guess my Mother finally decided to let him go and I was safe to come home



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