Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

I was about 5 years old when I noticed my brothers behavior changed and sometimes he would even scare me I remember him touching me inappropriately but I couldn’t tell my mom I knew she wouldn’t belive me I remember thinking when I was 5 that if I ever said anything it could hurt my brother he was 13 I was 5.I still can’t belive he hurt me his little sister but I guess everyone in this world is evil when I turned 9 he started touching me again I remember when he would look for me in my room I would hide under the bed and cry myself to sleep it was as if there was a stranger in my house I would never get close to him if I ever did it was as if I could hear his heavy breath over my shoulder but then one day he grabbed me and took me to the garage and I couldn’t move he told me he saw a kitten and at the time I loved them they were the only thing that was pure enough for me to touch and to hold I try not to remember the moment when he touched me with his fingers when his hands went over my hair and my whole body but up to this day I still cry when I hear his name I was 10 he was 18 now I am 14 and I try to forget about the past if you are reading this I hope you called for help.



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