Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

He took the last part of me I had left to lose
Couldn’t find myself, he left my heart and mind confused
You couldn’t see it, but the inside of me was bruised
He pinned me down and beat my soul black and blue
So many tears I cried, hoping they’d undo the pain
But when these tears fall I start to go insane
I’m a walking facade, inside me is a cold rain
I’m filled with these drops, there’s nowhere for them to drain
They say time heals all
But time start all over when I see his face
I see his body hovering mine and my breathing picks up the pace
I feel his touch again and my heart begins to break
I try to escape the pattern, but each day I meet my fate
I thought no meant no
But I guess to him it didn’t
He doesn’t feel my hurt, each day he keeps on living
I should’ve told someone
But that’s a life altering decision
I wanted my family happy
So I chose to just live with it
Sometimes I think I’m over it, But then I die again inside
Everyday I wear a smile, My true emotions I hide
I’m the life of the party I can’t be acting dry,
A day in the life of me. Happiness deprived.



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