Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

When I was about 23 years old I was raped by my boyfriends friend. It all saturated when I went to see my boyfriend at his place, we hung out for a bit and then he wanted to go downstairs to his friends place for a bit. When we got there he was cooking so we ate and then we all went back to my boyfriends place upstairs. After awhile a few more of his friends came over and they started to drink and get high together. About maybe a half hour later my boyfriend and I went to his bedroom to be alone for a bit but his friend followed us into his room and sat next to me.i was very uncomfortable but let it go and regret it. After a few minutes he stared to touch me and try to take off my pants I said no and tried to fight him off but my boyfriend grabbed me and his friend took my pants and underwear off. My boyfriend then pined me to his bed and started kissing me when his friend started to go down on me I was telling them to stop and scream for help but they kept going. My boyfriend then took my shirt and move my bra and sucked my boobs and his friend removed his pants and proceeded to rape me when they were done his friend went into the living room and I tried to talked to my boyfriend and he just said I asked for it and let them do it even though I begged them to stop and they didn’t I was crushed and walked to the bus stop to get home but his friend followed me and went on the bus and sat next to me he asked me if I would get off the bus and go somewhere with him and give him a blowjob and he would pay me I told him no and he got off the bus when I got home I went to my room and got messages from my boyfriend saying I cheated on him and saying I was with his friend and wanted to have sex with his friend I was so upset I blocked him and never talked to him again now he makes Facebook pages messaging me wanting me back and still saying I wasn’t rapped I asked for it I don’t know what I did wrong or what I said to make them do that to me I still have dreams about it I’m scared they will find me…..



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