Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

How Mena got depressed 15 years after 3 rape incident
Hmm it took me time to feel the emotional trauma of rape years after the rape.
I was 4 or 5 years old when my uncle raped me, the at age 15 I was raped twice by my neighbour and a Rve brother. The most traumatic of them all was been raped by my neighbour in 2015 I was home alone and he had to come and help us with some electrical work he was an electrician, while he was working I was inside my room reading suddenly he was there looking at me in a funny manner and said you are beautiful.and then he tried to kiss me and before i knew it i was forced to bed he pulled of his cloths nd forcefully removed mine then he raped me😭 I felt so ashamed that i could not tell my parents 😭 considering what members of my community will say about me, would the believe me, what names will they call me and so on. I was in pains for days I could not urinate properly without feeling pains, i encouraged myself and kept it a secret until i finally had a relationship sex became a problem I feel irritated while having sex and would cry without letting my partner know and would cry after sex too.not until I had the courage to speak out and tell him what was wrong. I have mood swings i get uncomfortable around people, i had and still have low self-esteem, the memories of not been noticed by my parents when I was raped hurts me, i felt nobody cared about me enough to notice my pain. And I pray that God gives me the grace to forgive him and my parents and also to feel comfortable around people without thinking them to be like him.



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