Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

Why Did I freeze? Why was I so shocked that this was happening to me? Why was I so weak? Why was I so weak? Why was I choosen ? Why was I so trusting?
I should have kicked, scream, fought more. I should have had more strength I should have pushed more.
I thought you would help me when I spoke up 1st as a young high school co-op student. I was a young a young immigrant in your company. I lived on my own with no bed and barely any food I needed your job I needed the job. Instead you allow me to be targeted and promoted the men who sexually harassed me. I was so young; I knew nothing in this new country so when they pushed me in the dark and grab my private areas I wasn’t sure of my rights. Finally I spoke up that was my after moment scream. I told you but For 27 years I was the bait for every male and woman that hated a woman like me who spoke her truth about sexual harassment in your company. I trusted you would help me set things right but you labeled me a trouble maker and isolated me from my peers at work. For over 10 years you threatened me and try to silence me. You even went as far as trying to paint me as a liar but you knew the truth. So many women spoke up about your injustice in your company and you found a way to silence them all.
Who would think it would happen to me again 15 years later he was 6 feet 7 inches and over 300 lbs. I wasn’t strong enough to push him. I was trapped he didn’t care when I screamed why me he replied Shut up the fuck up or I will do it again. For him holding me down and trying to kiss me in the workplace was his right but he knew I didn’t want it I knew I fought him off me in that elevator, he knew we were alone so he went for it. Why? Because he thought no one would believe me when I told them. Why didn’t I kick why couldn’t I break away or kick him in the balls. I as so weak and I froze. I reported it I was smarter now and had faith that you would do the right thing but this time you targeted me harder and finally found a way to push me out of your company with lies and trying to ruin my creditbility. I feel so alone, all I hear is you lying on me trying to ruin the truth about who I am. I want my day in court to say my truth and you will not slience me. That’s where I am going to be strong, I can push harder, fight harder and scream louder. See you there!



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