Anonymous Story: Me Too…

Anonymous Story: Me Too…

I was 4….he was in his 20s
I was 13…he was in his 30s
I was 16…he was almost 40
Now, I am 37…..he is DEAD.


I spoke up at 4….my mother didn’t believe me.
I spoke up at 13….my mother told me it was my fault for being friendly and open
I spoke up at 16….my mother told me that all women go through this and that is our lot in life

Now, I am a mother and I KNOW that it was wrong of him and it was wrong of my mother.
Sexual abuse should not be anyone’s lot in life….not a child’s, not a girl’s, not a woman’s.

The abuse was not my shame to carry. It was his…it was my mother’s, also, for failing to protect me. Yet, I cannot speak of it publicly…what will that accomplish? There is no apology coming.

I survived and I am stronger for it. I am better for it. I WILL protect my daughter and raise my son to be better. That will be my legacy.



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