Anonymous Story: Me Too

I remember feeling powerless & confused.
I remember time feeling as if it was creeping by, even though it was a 10 minute ride.
I remember freezing up, as I was confused about what he was doing.
I remember wanting to yell out for help, but not doing it.
I remember the drive home that night to my house, trying to sort it out in my mind.
I remember crying myself to sleep not only that night, but for weeks after.
I remember the nausea I felt, as that night replayed in my mind.
I remember jumping when my grandpa touched me at our Christmas dinner, 3 days after the assault.
I remember faking a smile and acting like nothing happened.
I remember the flashbacks every time a guy touches me while dancing since that night.
I remember telling my friends the night it happened, scared to tell any adults.
I remember telling myself maybe he didn’t know what he was doing and wouldn’t remember it because he was drunk.
I remember the sickness I feel every time leading up to when I will see him again.
I remember it all.



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