Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

It was maybe a month after my birthday and I started talking to a guy online. He was 19 and asked if I wanted to hang being a naïve little 15 year old, agreed. In the middle of the night..
He came nearby in his clunker of a car. Not to my house but down the street from it. It was pitch black. We got in his back seat and I kissed him. I was a virgin. I’m also bipolar so sexual promiscuity and hypersexuality is not uncommon…
He started to get on top of me and put his hand on my vagina (over my leggings). I said no..but then he shushed me and said “trust me baby trust me” and I gave in. After that I met up with him a few more times (no more than 2 or 3) before he ghosted me.

I’m 18 now and still not sure if it was rape of any kind…on one hand, I was a minor and he was a legal adult, I said no and then he persuaded me to give in…but on the other, I wasn’t intoxicated in any way, I could’ve resisted more than I did..etc

I don’t know..



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