Anonymous Story: Me Too

Anonymous Story: Me Too

How does “pleasure” leave a kid so ashamed?
something that is meant to be a gift become profaned?
How does someone so familiar commit an act so strange?
someone you love be the cause for self-hate?
Use trust and compassion as a means to manipulate?
how can family be the one who perpetrates?

I knew what you wanted, what you’d do
So why did I keep coming back to you?
seek affection and love as a temporary gain
the price of my body for a lifetime of pain?
so many things I could of done
Why didn’t I stay way or even run?
You said you loved me
Implied this was how family was suppose to be
Now a soul shattered from your touch
Did you consider the damage would been this much?
That one’s childhood would cease?
Never find rest or peace
never get the answers I seek

You plucked me like a flower
then left to dry and wither.
A consuming fire
to fill your sinful desire.
A child to satisfy the appetite
Of the prowling monster in the night?
destroyed by selfish lust
by somebody I should have been able to trust.
Hands took what never should have been
childhood stolen because of your sin.
you used your power over me
so now damaged goods is all I will ever be



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