Anonymous Story: Lifetime of inappropriate behavior

Anonymous Story: Lifetime of inappropriate behavior

As Far Back As I Can Remember
1. I was a 15 yr old model. I was hired to demonstrate swimsuits at a sales conference in Dallas in 1965.
The manufacturer/salesaman groped my genitals in a dressing room.
2. I was 16. My mother had no social skills but had grand abimibitions of being an upper-clas socalite.
We sailed 1st class on the SS France to Europe. I think I was presented to our fellow passengers as an available
child-mistress. In other words, pimped out. However, said passengers were hip to this, and refused her.
Again, I was humiliated, I didn’t undestand at first, but figured it out and felt like a cheap ersatz Lolita.
3. I was an 18 yr old nude art drawing class model, It was a night class. I needed a ride home. A male student volunteered. In the course of the ride, he pulled over to the curb and demanded me to perform a sex act, I refused. He then ordered me out of the car. It was about 10pm at night on an unlit street. I had no money for bus fare, and I didn’t know where exactly in town I was. I started walking. A car pulled up alongside the curb, and three men got out and aggresively approached me.They said ” Get in the car!”, I screamed at them, and they left. I found a bus and begged the driver for a lift; he kindly obliged.
4. In Los Angeles, I had a court-appointed psychologist, whom I really liked and truste I had been seeing him for about 3-4 yrs. So I must have been about 20 yrs old. One day, maybe 1969, he said “Please stand over there, face the wall, lift up yout skirt and show me your ass.”
I did it. To my great humilitation. I needed him, I trusted him, I owed him. I Never saw him again.

Clarification: If you have read the above, you can see a pattern:
A girl has been raised to be beautiful and always sexually available. When a girl child is sexully attractive at a very young age, the child herself is often ignorant of this attraction (and its possible conseuqences) , and older people, including her closest relatives may take advantage,
There is more to tell, but I am now tired.
If you have suffered unintended, unwanted sexual abuse, please speak up. And be strong!



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