Anonymous Story: It was my virginity

Anonymous Story: It was my virginity

it was my virginity, it fucked me up for life cos i trusted him. i thought he was okay, wed done stuff otgether on numerous occasions, when it happened me n my best mate had been out together, yes id taken 2 and a half pills but i didnt expect that he woyld do this to me, i trusted him, i thought he was okay, wed ben fucked upp and gone back to theirs whrere we were going to stay, me and him went into a room, then he brought in someone else and i told them both to fuck off, i told them both i ddidnt want to do it, but they threw me across the room and put a pill in my mouth, i was fucked i had no idea what was going on, when i woke up my nose was bleeding and then hos mate was inside me or whatever u wanna say, i told him to fuck off told him to stop that i sidnt want it that all i wanted for it was to stop. they hurt me in so many ways, mentally, physcially they beat me told me to shut up blahblah blah, i remember his friend was massive and it was my first timr he forced it in it hurt so mych i wanted him to stop behgged him,, i was ctying but he wouldnt astop i waas that drugged up i couldnt do anything, i couldnt move, when i woke up again i tried to kick him out of me but he wouldnt stop, they ere both laughing then later i woke up again and the one i knew was nearly crying, hesaid to his mate he should stop now. But theb fubaky whenn u giT iti kecae tge

i cant be arsed to talk about it anymore but the second time was my second itme having sex which i think it what made me even mored fuckdef up, i met this guy in some club anfd hesd dspiked my drink but it was so fucked cos he said we were leaving the cluyb to get weed but he lied to me also then i woke yp and he kicked me out his car, left m on the road for dead, some taxi tguyt i dont eve know dsa ed msavedI(njmyu fke
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