Anonymous Story: It Happened

Anonymous Story: It Happened

I dont remember the date, time, or how old I was. I remember the feeling of fear, sadness, the smell, and the loss. I remember him telling me to take a nap and not to sleep on my stomach. Which I always did. I remember wondering why…. Then I woke up with him on top of me. I remember pretending to still be alseep while looking at my pink walls with little blue bows and hearts… I remember once he was done him noticing I was awake and him asking me how long I was awake for. I lied and said not long…. he held a tissue he cleaned up with and told me he blew his nose. It’s been around 20 years now. I still wonder why.  Why he did it, why I didnt try and stop it, why I haven’t told anyone.?????



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