Anonymous Story: I’m a little girl in Pakistan

Anonymous Story: I’m a little girl in Pakistan

I’m a little girl in Pakistan. My story begins when I was just 6 or 7 years old.My abuser never penetrated me but he did enough to change my life forever. I was 6 or 7. He used to take photos of my vagina, forced me to give him oral , touched me and forced me to touch him. I remember me asking him what he did to me he told me he is doing what boys do. Due to that response when I began to think about my abuse I thought it was normal . And chose not to tell anyone.Today I’m regretting mynot telling maybe if I had told then maybe I had gotten justice. When I was little when the abuse was happening I was an extra bright student . I always stood first . I know I’m super intelligent but because of my abuse I can’t show my intelligence due to my abuse. I once tried telling my mum about the abuse when I thought I was safe from his threats but then I saw her. I remembered of her sacrifices for us for me. I thought I will not tell aut I just Couldn’t do it. I just hope to tell my story someday



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