Anonymous Story: I’m 17: I was sexually forced yesterday and am scared because it can happen again.

Anonymous Story: I’m 17: I was sexually forced yesterday and am scared because it can happen again.

I have no idea as to what i should do or who i should ask for help. Im a boy and i just turned 17 on the 3rd of december. I was born in Torronto but my father decided that it would be a good time to go to his home country called Pakistan and we are here for 3 freakin months that are going to be worse than hell. I’ve heard about it but i really didn’t feel like going there ever although 99% of my relatives live there but this is what happened yesterday i just have no idea what i should do or who should i tell.

My moms back in Canada and she didn’t accompany us here and she was already against me going there but im here with my cousin [A] whose 3 years older than me and she has always been the older sister i ever wanted. We landed here 3 days ago when it was saturday here and today is monday over here. I’ve told [A] about it and she was literally going to kill that uncle of mine that i barely ever knew but i stopped her cuz i didn’t wanna make a scene and let dad know or anyone else here know. She has been overprotective of me afterwards and is being so supportive that i feel more safe with her now than anyone else. We are staying over at my uncles house, yes the house of this bloody animal and we just want to run away to the airport and catch a flight back to canada but i fucking don’t know where the hell i am. I’m really feeling like crying my eyes out as i type all this cuz i don’t see another alternate.

This is what happened, we are staying over at this uncles house who is my fathers close relative and he’s a rich guy and is married to such a nice and caring lady who I’ve only met like 2 days ago but shes so nice to talk to and good. Last night i was playing ps4 with [A] in this guest room that was on the first floor of this house and i just couldn’t sleep but [A] went over to her room cuz she was tired.

I dont remember the time but it was 4am and my father and his friends, relatives who were down with him were drinking and out cold i guess because that is the only reason he was so confident while doing this to me. I just remember him coming into my room and telling me how he was related to me but i wasn’t even listenening clearly cuz i wasn’t interested but then he asked me how people were like back in Torronto and stuff like that and then he just grabbed my shoulders so hard and just pushed me onto the floor. At first i was shocked about what was happening but then he started to touch me inappropraitely and yes i couldn’t fight him off of me cuz he was way heavier and taller than me but i tried my best. He then told me that most of my facial features were that of a girl and men here would love that. I punched him but then he punched me back in my stomach so hard that I’ve got this purple bruise which hurts even when i twitch a muscle. I blacked out at that point and he juat took of my shorts and then assaulted me for what seemed like hours.

I’m just feeling like a bitch, i feel like I’m so weak and used and my heart just keeps beating uncontrollably. I’m sleeping in [A]’s room today but i feel like i might also get my cousin who’s like the elder sister i never had in trouble and i would never forgive myself for that because that guy would realize that i told her and that’s why she’s so protective of me. She is even outside my bathroom door when i go in. We both also don’t know the language people speak here i think it’s Hindi or something. Im just feeling so helpless and vulnerable and I’ve never ever felt like this. Can anyone please tell me what i should do or where i should go for help???



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