Anonymous Story: I will never forget the pain

Anonymous Story: I will never forget the pain

This is the story of my abuse.It was a normal day.I heard the sound of my bewildering alarm.I woke up I rushed into the kitchen and ate my breakfast.It was a normal breakfast cereal and fruit.I was 10 at the time so I didn’t have very fancy of a breakfast.The day progressed.I went to get ready.I got on my cloths,brushed my o hair,made my lunch,then finally I brushed my teeth.I kissed my mom goodbye and started walking to the bus stop.I got on the bus.Again totally normal I thought it was going to be like any other day.So I got to school.Around the third period it was time for the play.There was a class play that we had to do that day and are parents and other classes would be watching.There was a special handicapped bathroom that was not like the normal stalls it was in a whole separate room then the regular restroom.So there was this popular kid and he just kept staring at me.I thought it was kind of creepy but I didn’t think of it much.My teacher would call on people one at a time to make sure there wasn’t a huge line for the handicapped stall.It was my turn to go she called my name and started getting up.But just as I started to get up that popular kid started to raise his hand.He asked my teacher if he could just use the regular restroom.She grunted and said yes.We were both walking out of the door at the same time.Suddenly he grabbed my hand and shoved me into the handicapped room.He locked the door behind him.He was older than me.I asked what the heck do you want?And he was just glaring at me.I told him to let me out or I would tell somebody that he locked me up.He finally gave me an answer.I still remember those chilling words.”You are not coming out of here until I have gotten want I wanted”.I was so confused I wanted to get out of there in an instant.Then he said I was checking you out earlier.You look amazing.WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!I exclaimed.He started backing me up against the wall.I new what he was doing.He was not just playing a game.He started tugging at my shirt.I kept shouting no and kept pushing him away.Then he threw me the ground and started undressing me.I kept telling him no and kept smacking him.Then I was fully naked.I tried to run out of the bathroom,but he wrapped his hands around my breasts and started pulling me back.Then he started touching me some more on my chest private parts and ‘down there’.I was so scared he kept telling me you will let me do this to you if I do it again.I didn’t respond he said that I will.I was so scared.He said now you can go.i imeadally started pulling my clothes back on.He said that if I told anyone about it he would just do it more.I finally left the bathroom.Apperantly we missed the play and are teacher just skipped us.I couldn’t think that day.I still had a couple remaining periods so I had to work some more.I was a star student,but that day I didn’t get anything right.My teacher say that I was pale and not working like I usually was.She asked are you ok and I said yes.That was the last time he went that extreme.But sometimes on free period he pulls me behind a tree and starts touching me,or when I am walking down a hallway and no one is there he will touch me.I still have never reported it even though it has bee a couple months.I still remain anonymous and touched by the hands of a assulter.



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