Anonymous’ Story: I Wasn’t Even Drunk

Anonymous’ Story: I Wasn’t Even Drunk

I’ve seen all the controversy towards rape & just wanted to share my story. Mine wasn’t horrific, but it made me think.

Heading for a night out, and I had been ‘pre-drinking’ with friends but wasn’t too drunk, just a nice vibe. Got talking to a guy on the coach and straight away he was asking if he could go home with me and we hadn’t even got to a club yet.

I just said we’ll see and left it there. He followed me around the majority of the night.

One part of the night, he followed me into the ladies toilets and forced himself inside my mouth whilst I was sat in the toilet. I immediately pushed him away and stood up to sort myself out and leave. He then turned me around and tried to force himself inside me from behind. It nearly worked as he did it with such force, but I managed to position myself at a weird angle so that I could pull myself together and leave the toilet.

He called me boring & I told him to stop being weird.

I managed to lose him in the club, but I hate to think if he got hold of someone else. I didn’t think of it as rape at the time, as i thought I might have been giving him signals, but at the end of the day #rapeisrape



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