Anonymous Story: I Thought He Was A Family Friend

Anonymous Story: I Thought He Was A Family Friend

I have known him for a long time since I was 3 lets say. I lived with him for 1 year I don’t remember anything but smiles from him. He visited my family one year and asked me if I wanted to go to his house in NO and my dad said yes. We drove and had a good time he said I was so smart and pretty I was 9 so I didn’t understand anything. I called him my uncle haha what a fool. We got to his place and the first night I slept on that couch he knew he had an advantage. I was sleeping will he pulled down my pajamas and underwear. Were he then molested me. Until he got his own private parts in mine. I didn’t deserve it and he didn’t even know I was awake but what could I do I was hours way from home and I was so scared I couldn’t move. The next day he brought me dresses and shoes, what ever I wanted. He acted as he was nothing but an angel but in the inside he was the devil. I will never forget that day.



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