Anonymous Story: I Still Think About It Everyday

1.) I was drunk, he was not. I was a virgin and he was not. I said no and he said yes.
2.)The next morning I took two showers and cried.
3.) I made rules to stop thinking about it: don’t listen to the song, don’t walk down his hall, don’t sit on black futons.
4.) I still thought about it. I barely slept or ate all winter. I cried every day.
5.) I thought bad things don’t happen to good people, so I came to believe I was bad.
6.)My therapist was so worried she put me on anti-depressants. I’m still on them.
7.) I got tired of being scared of the dark so I sleep with a light on now.
8.)I had a panic attack walking home for the gym last week because I thought I saw his car.
9.) The spring came and with it came anger. When my brother asked why I didn’t fight
back harder I told him, I am, I’m doing it right now and I’ll never stop.



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