Anonymous Story: I remember now

Anonymous Story: I remember now

I am new to sharing on here. I guess I’ll start by saying it was on my 19th birthday. I decided to go on a road trip with three of my friends to a different city for a night on the town. We got to our hotel, drank, got ready and left. We went to a night club and we’re having such a great time, I was so happy. I went to use the washroom and lost both my friends. I would of called them but my cell phone died, so I went around asking the bouncers if they had seen them. I went outside. I looked worried and confused, hoping they were outside.

A man came up to me and asked what was wrong, I explained to him in was missing my friend and my cell phone had died. He told me he lived a block away and could give me a charger so I could find my friends. I was niave. I went with him. He told me to get in a cab with him because it would be faster to get there. Instead of a block away he took me across the city. I told him I wanted to go back but he said no. I walk into his house and he proceeds to direct me to a room where I see a phone charger, also in the room is a mattress without a sheet or a bed frame lying on the floor. At this point in the night I’m scared. I plug my phone in but he keeps grabbing at my waist. Dragging my waist half on the mattress, while sadly enough I was too weak and drunk to keep pushing myself away from him.

My phone took 5 minutes to turn on. It was the longest time in my life. After that I got phone call after phone call asking where I was from my friends. I convinced the man he needed to take me back to the hotel to give my friends the door key. He kept repeating your not getting out of the vehicle, you’re not leaving. As we drove to the hotel, I kept texting my friend that he wasn’t letting me leave and I was scared. When we got there he unlocked the doors, my friend grabbed me out of the vehicle and we ran. He stayed outside our hotel for 20 minutes before leaving.

I never told them what happened, and truthfully I didn’t want to remember either. I went 4 years without remembering. When I turned 23 it all came back to me suddenly through nightmares and flash backs. I cannot even hear anyone talk about rape without becoming upset. I’m hoping this will help me. Thank you for listening.




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