Anonymous Story: I fell asleep

Anonymous Story: I fell asleep

I was at my boyfriend’s parents house. We had all been drinking. I had slept there many times and felt comfortable falling asleep there. My boyfriend left. Then the rest of his family members left. Except his aunt’s boyfriend, who found a reason to stay behind. I was told this later. I awoke to the aunt screaming, “HE WAS TRYING TO TAKE HER PANTS OFF!!!!” I came to as they were dragging him outside… I had so much to drink that night I didn’t feel him touching me or attempting to undress me. I went outside where they had him and hit him repeatedly until they pulled me away. Afterwards my “boyfriend” told me it was my fault and I probably wanted it to happen. He dropped me off without a single hug or shred of compassion. Afterwards he told mutual friends I was a slut. His aunt’s boyfriend disappeared.



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