Anonymous Story: I don’t owe you anything

Anonymous Story: I don’t owe you anything

You abused me. You raped me. Hell, you even taped me. You ruined me emotionally. And I’ve hated you for making me the psycho I am today. But I also love you for causing me to be so strong through that year and teaching me to never trust anyone so fast, ever again. I can now share my story and let other girls know that if you don’t want to have sex, you don’t need to, whether they’re your boyfriend or not. Rape is rape is rape. And you don’t owe anyone (including your boyfriend) anything. I told you I didn’t want to have sex those nights, yet you got on top of me, my face was down and I was in tears. I bit my lip so you wouldn’t make fun of me or yell at me for crying. And afterwards you tried to cuddle with me thinking that I owe you sex. I don’t owe you shit. I never have and and I never will.



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