Anonymous Story: I am an African American female Veteran

Anonymous Story: I am an African American female Veteran

I am an African American female Veteran, I have done 2 tours in Iraq. My entire life has been filled with abuse. At age 4 I was molested by my mother’s boyfriend, my mother was mentally disabled. At age 6 I was molested by my grown brother, age 7 watched a murder out of my bedroom window, age 8 a neighbor molested me. We moved to PA at age 11. My mother married into a family where every female was raped by a family member. I was raped for the first time at age 12 by the big-time boxer in tin the family. My childhood was filled with fear, I told on him we went to court and he was found not guilty because they said it statutory rape. The father of the children I babysat for started raping me. When I found enough courage to tell his wife said that I was not his type I’m too ugly, I still watched her children after that, I was raped by a family friend while the wife was in the next room, and the list goes on. I was afraid to talk because on top of watching women and children beat by men, friends being touched by their daddy, so many horror stories that have people who look like me and this town all. the system is set up to fail black people in this town because everyone is afraid and their man is all they have and they will let these men hurt their sister just to keep him. I have two sisters that let men have sex with their children. The police do not protect black people here they just lock them up. On my second deployment to Iraq, I was with a unit that was not my home unit and they let all of the attachments know that. They were abusing soldiers not me but I decided to get those soldiers to write statements to the
SGT.Major and I emailed them to him. He did not care, he was laughing. It started with 3 female soldiers, in the end, I was standing alone. I was gang-raped, lost my career, left on the side of the road to die when I came home. Lost everything, my kids were abused by their father’s wife and their father and church people. I got arrested, was sleeping in a rental car, alone broken in the world. Discarded by my racist leaders that did everything they could to make sure I never got promoted all because I was a black girl that was different. There are 3 female African American women including me one is a Captain that was assaulted by a Chaplin, no one hears stories of the real black girl experience in the military, and I want the world to hear how they really don’t care about us. I am so determined to let the world know what is going on in my town and the military because we need change. The three of us did the right things didn’t sleep our way up and it seems like my service didn’t matter. I have to find a way to help the little girls around me. My grandson was touched by the lady that I use to babysit for the foster child which man me believe that the little girl was touched by the husband. There are no real resources in my town that will support black women when they stand up. They look at Black people like a disease in my town. I have been to the agency’s and they don’t care. I went to jail for a week because I was in the Veterans court for fighting. I was attacked by a white female guard for no reason. I told the newspaper that I didn’t care. So many things happen to black people in this MOB owned town and no one cares. I want to tell my story, to the world to try and get help for everyone. I was a little girl walking around alone hurt and unprotected, I want to be that protection that I needed for little girls. I started a debate on Facebook just to see the response after I gave them some facts. Some people are mad but thirsty some are sad but scared. I have been the first to do everything in my family. I want to be the first black woman to help Scranton not rob the place. I was always called black ugly stupid, slut, trash, I have been handicapped by my pain now I need to turn it into power. Healing power, some kind of way. People are walking around dead in this community because who cares



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  • Babe Ruth March 14, at 08:07

    I’m so sorry for everything you went through I hope you are doing better now ..If I was to speak up my mother would call me a prostitute I’m 13 btw lol.Thanks for your service & I hope you’re recovery.

  • ANTHONY B TEMBY December 20, at 19:26


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