Anonymous Story: I am a little girl.

Anonymous Story: I am a little girl.

I am a little girl. I was abused by a male servant in domestic help. I was 3 when it began. Although I dont remember the first time I know that I was 3 when my first MEMORY of child abuse happened. He began abusing me on my very own car . He used to make me lie down and then he would molest me. One day my parents were out so they had the car with them . He made me lie on the tenants car and then hed molest me. But then his mother dixd find out but she told me that shed tell my parents what we were doing and get me punished . I live in the same house and own the same car.But luckily hes not here. Another time it happened he took me to my dining room and made me lie on the floor. Just then my mom knocked. He opened the door and said that we were playing with dolls. I also remember him orally raping me. He also used to finger me. When I grew a bit older like 8 or 9 I came to know that what he did was abuse. Although my mum asked me a lot of times to tell her when anyone touched me. I couldnt confide. The reason was simple. He threatened to take my mum to another world with him and then hed kill me. He also told me that my parents would get divorced. So a few weeks ago when we were coming back from Quran classes . I saw his mother . She stopped my mom to talk with her . I couldnt meet her eyes but i was boiling inside because she knew that I was being abused by her son . I ran towards my house . Went to my bathroom and sobbed quietly remembring the details. Now my only dream is to make sure that every child is safe so when I grow I plan to start an organization and start campaigning. One day I hope to spread the message # no more # times up
Even though im still thriving i hope to recover and start smiling (purely) again . No one except me knows about it which i hope will change one day.
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