Anonymous Story: How my life long addiction began.

Anonymous Story: How my life long addiction began.

Alot of non users. Look at the abusers as bad people. From my experiences it’s the other way around Here’s my story. I was born a premature addicted child under developed and I was given pain killers and experimental break through in steroids to help thus furthering my addiction. The steroids had side effects that hadn’t been seen before. Thus at thirteen years old I was at the growth level of a twenty one year old male emotionally and physically. I got noticed but by the wrong eyes not my parents but by family the ones that had those hunters eyes greedy stealing perverted eyes monster eyes. I didn’t know who or what I was but I could tell those we’re bad eyes wrong eyes how could my family not see those eyes. I was sexually abused by numbers of family and friends. I’m sorry guy this is just to hard. I don’t know how to write this down. I have wanted to tell this for so long but the words are coming out right.



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