Anonymous Story: For Once the White Male is Suppressed

I was five years old when it happened, and my cousin (which was 8 at the time) raped me. Nobody believes children can rape other children, especially when your a boy. I was told things like ” oh she was just curious” or the famous ” you could have fought against it if you wanted to”. But in my opinion- any forced sexual act is rape. She was not curious. She pulled me into bed and told me I would be the one to get into trouble if I told. And I couldn’t fight it. She was 3 years older than me and plus telling a 5 year old they would get in trouble is like holding a gun to their head. And on top of that my dad nor my step mom would never believe me- because the girl who raped me was their adoring niece. I feel alone and scared. I just need someone to tell me that my experience isn’t something stupid I should just forget.

But with these emotions I want other people to know that no matter what your story is- it is valid and you still deserve love and respect.



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