Anonymous Story: F.B. Younger Days ZZtop

Anonymous Story: F.B. Younger Days ZZtop

I was a teenage rocker in Houston. I was 16 in 1977.
There was a party house on the corner of Farnham St. and Hwy 59.
The old house is gone now and replaced by a building.
It was also a place where teenagers went to buy pot.
I went there one day to buy pot and asked to come in.
The house was full of guest doing cocaine. on the table.
I passed on the cocaine and had a coke to drink in a glass. It was spiked.
F.B. was there. I today know I was drugged.
I woke up having sex with him. I was shocked.
I dressed quickly and ran out the door without my pot.
I told my friend Lisa what happened.
We went back to argue about it, the pot and the rape.
The owner refused to answer the door.
We never spoke of it again.
I never called the police.
I hate that song Thank you by ZZ Top.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
It’s a sad secret and scares me to even think about making it public.



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