Anonymous Story: Disney World’s predator

Anonymous Story: Disney World’s predator

I have been following and my wife has been involved with a man who preys on women. Luring them to Disney under the notion that he is in an open or broken relationship. He then proceeds to use the women and in some aspects rape them by deception.

Overall 4-5 victims have come forward and now his employer Disney World is still protecting this predatory man. Who has admitted to several people about raping a 14 y/o girl ad his brothers birthday party. Her identity is unknown and the authorities can do nothing.

He is the Disney equivalent of Harvey Weinstein and Brent Kavanah.

This mans name is [S]. Employed and protected by Disney.

These women don’t have voice to help them. They need the backing of the movement. These girls have been tormented and brainwashed by this man into thinking it was their fault. Don’t let their story die on Twitter.



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  • colscottmccloud February 25, at 19:45

    brent kavanah was cleared, because there was no REAL evidence.

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