Anonymous Story: CATFISHED by the LAW

Anonymous Story: CATFISHED by the LAW

It all started on myspace 9 years ago with a friend request from “M” and so the CATFISH story begins. I was and am still married so yes it was an affair. Yes Im a cheat. Yes I gave in to M’s pursuit and met him at. Hotel in Savannah Ga. Things were off from jump street but I was wrapped up in him. Silver jeep wrangler, nice. Beat up toyota truck used for hunting, ok. M is a monstrous person 6’4″ muscular build dark hair anf eyes black as night. His eyes said it all but I ignored my instincts. I believe he was drugging and raping me from day one. Memories and flashbacks have been flooding back to me over the past year and not all from the same night. I had ended things with him due to his aggressive nature coming out only to contact him again later. We met again under false pretenses…I thought we were seeing each other and his plan was to drug me, beat me, rape me, torture me all nite long in that laquinta motel room on Abercorn almost 8 years ago. The next year or less was spent trying to remember what happen and why. Then he contacts me out of the blue like we had never skipped a beat. I couldnt believe he was still trying to hurt me. Ive ashamed that i set myself up 2 times since to confront him and make him pay with his life…only to find out the horrifying truth that he was and still is a Ga law enforcement. Oh my God I almost killed a cop!!! Thank God I didnt pull those triggers!!!! Where would I be today???? But “M” has kept contact open and pretended like all is good for the past 8 years until I confronted him about the rape and beating 2 months ago. He couldve said he was sorry and acknowledged what he did and I would be happy with that. But he said Im not a woman or even human insinuating that I deserved it. “M” is a Ga cop with a family that will be affected now. Im soooo sorry for the family of a rapist. The wife doesnt even know she sleeps next to an attempted murderer. He tried to kill me and said he would. How can anyone feel safe everyday when there are people like “M” walking free. The only way to end this CATFISH story is to either get a confession from the rapist or ffindhis other victims which we know there are more. Women in SE Georgia and South Carolina need to see this story…victims need to come forward and help get individuals likr this one out of law enforcement if nnothng else happens to them and they never acknowledge. SHARE THIS CATFISH STORY PLEEEASE!!!



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