Anonymous Story: Candy

Anonymous Story: Candy

I was getting a craving for candy and decided to attend to it by buying some at the corner store. I arrived at the corner store and went straight for the candy, i got the candy and turned around and there was a man who I made eye contact with for a split second. I went to the line and the man followed and the said something and I replied what and he came closer and laughed then patted my back leading down to my ass. I didn’t think anything of it and thought he did it on accident. He asked how much the candy I was buying cost I said “I don’t know i think 2”, he took it and asked the cashier and I was correct it was 2 he asked me “if I had two dollars’ I said yeah. I bought the candy and was going to leave as quick as I could, but he said come over here and asked how old I was I told him a fake age because I didn’t want to give him any actual information about me he replied with” damn you old enough to be my son . He proceeded to ask questions like “if my mom or dad was with me” or “if I lived near by” , I told him no and no. He asked if I wanted a drink and he put his hand down and touched my dick, I got this feeling in my shoulder and I knew I needed to leave so I said no and told him I needed to get home now , he was like who you with and I made up a lie and told him him I was with my auntie. He went to the line telling me to wait and while he was buying a drink and not focused on me, I took the moment to run out the store all the way home and I successfully got home. I was very scared and now will always take precautions when walking somewhere, I know I did not technically get raped but it was attempted and I felt the need to tell somebody or something this in order to be safe. This just happened and I was scared until I wrote this, i know I was lucky enough to get away unlike some other people.



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