Anonymous Story: Being raped by my sister.

Anonymous Story: Being raped by my sister.

14 years ago, I was 5 years old. I remember living in the room next to my sister. We had a closet that connected our bedrooms. When I wanted someone to play with, I would crawl through the closet to her bedroom. Growing up, I had 3 brothers and a sister. Instead of having a stranger rape me, which I would have preferred, my brother and sister would rape me nearly everyday. I was 5. I’m not sure when it ended. It went on long enough that I’ve mentally surpressed many of those memories. The one I remember the most is when they brought a group of random men I had never met into my sisters bedroom and had them record her while she molested me. When it was over, she would give me toys and candy as a “reward”. At this time, my brother was in his twenties and my sister was in junior high. The day after this happened, I tried telling my mom. I was told I was having dreams and to “knock it off”. It was never mentioned again. Fast forward a few years later, and my brother was in prison for statutory rape. There were other girls, which is heart breaking thinking of today. At the time, it was comforting knowing I wasn’t the only person he ruined. To this day, I resent being born into my family. I still see my sister from time to time, and looking at her still scares me. It hurts knowing I don’t love my family. I look at my mother and hate her. It hurts knowing she could have helped me, and chose not to. I still have trouble understanding why. I’ve isolated everyone in my life. Out of fear. I’m hoping I manage to let go of the past one day. But for now, I hope someone reads this and feels comfort knowing they aren’t alone.



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  • G August 04, at 19:45

    I just told my family about my story, my sister raped me multiple times. They don’t want me to address my sister because she is mentally ill(mania) but I am afraid of what she can do to me and other people. I blocked out so much of my childhood because of this, all I remember is that she would get into my bed in the middle of the night and hush me. I remember being confused and after she would do it she always felt remorse for me. I don’t know what to do, I feel like I finally told my parents and now they are pushing it aside because she is depressed and ‘can’t deal’ with this right now. Hearing your story and stories like yours of how these siblings have multiple victims scares me, what if I say nothing and she has other victims? What if I tell someone else and my family leaves me?

  • Anonymous August 28, at 15:16

    I hope you still have family such as cousins, uncles and aunts to fall back on for support later in your life. Also if your mother never believed you I would advise to keep other children in your family as far away from her and your cruel sister and brother.

  • Anonymous April 13, at 16:40

    I get horny reading these and with i could do this to my sister.

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