Anonymous Story: Being raped by my sister.

Anonymous Story: Being raped by my sister.

14 years ago, I was 5 years old. I remember living in the room next to my sister. We had a closet that connected our bedrooms. When I wanted someone to play with, I would crawl through the closet to her bedroom. Growing up, I had 3 brothers and a sister. Instead of having a stranger rape me, which I would have preferred, my brother and sister would rape me nearly everyday. I was 5. I’m not sure when it ended. It went on long enough that I’ve mentally surpressed many of those memories. The one I remember the most is when they brought a group of random men I had never met into my sisters bedroom and had them record her while she molested me. When it was over, she would give me toys and candy as a “reward”. At this time, my brother was in his twenties and my sister was in junior high. The day after this happened, I tried telling my mom. I was told I was having dreams and to “knock it off”. It was never mentioned again. Fast forward a few years later, and my brother was in prison for statutory rape. There were other girls, which is heart breaking thinking of today. At the time, it was comforting knowing I wasn’t the only person he ruined. To this day, I resent being born into my family. I still see my sister from time to time, and looking at her still scares me. It hurts knowing I don’t love my family. I look at my mother and hate her. It hurts knowing she could have helped me, and chose not to. I still have trouble understanding why. I’ve isolated everyone in my life. Out of fear. I’m hoping I manage to let go of the past one day. But for now, I hope someone reads this and feels comfort knowing they aren’t alone.



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