Anonymous Story: Assaulted By Two Family Members

Anonymous Story: Assaulted By Two Family Members

I remember living in Kansas City,MO. I was just an 8 year old girl with no issues happy as can be. Nice house nice family.( so I thought.) My brother sister and I were all adopted at a very young age. We lived with our adopted parents since we we’re infants. Or toddlers. It all started when I was probably 7-8 years old. My sister started touching me and “dry humping” me. At the time I had no idea what was happening. I thought it was normal. I thought families did that. It then began to lifting up my shirt and touching me other places. She always told me, ( don’t tell mom or I’ll tell her you talk to this boy at school.) of course I was scared who wants their mom knowing they’re crush at school. So it put fear into me. So I never said anything. When we moved to Nebraska to live with my grandma for awhile, it got worse it happened every night because we had to share a bed there. It continued after my parents got divorced. It continued until I was in about 6th grade. I always had super harsh feelings towards my sister the older got. My family always said stop being so mean to her, blah blah blah. It used to make me so angry because nobody knew: the older I got the more I caught on to what was really happening all those years. I think back and remember acting out what she did to me on stuffed animals. I thought that was normal too. I barely told my parents in 2018. Neither of them seemed to believe it happened. TO THIS DAY, they tell me about her life and etc. and I don’t want to know. I feel like I came out about it about a month after she had her daughter because it scared me so much for her baby girl. Because I used to see the way she would “tickle “ little girls. It made me so angry.

The second family member was my bio dad which resulted in pregnancy. I ran away when I was 16 to meet my bio dad. I thought he was everything I was missing as a kid. I mean blood relation, my BIO dad. Prior to running away I was in a very abusive relationship. I wanted to get away from that guy. I had came in contact with my bio dad and his wife. They wanted me to go to Texas so I was like I’ll go, because my bio dad always told me “mija no man should treat you like that” he told me he would “fuc* the guy up for the way he treated me.” So I mean I guess that was everything I wanted to hear. A dad who would beat that guys a**. Well I got to Texas not even a week in and I’m february 9 ,2016, he pulled my pants down and had me against the washer and dryer and started assaulting me. His wife was in the shower. I tried to push away and tell him let me go please don’t he grabbed me harder and the assault got worse. Almost everyday every time she would shower I knew what was going to happened. I knew she wouldn’t believe me or help me because she herself was terrified of him. They didn’t let me leave ever. He took my phone and sold it, he gave me a phone that he monitored. He told me he could see everything I did. So I never tried to reach out to anyone. He’s honestly the scariest person I have ever met.. his wife eventually left him. I assume she knew he was assaulting me, she never came back. He then moved to a different town in Texas where I moved with him. Prior to all that, I found out I was pregnant with him. I took several pills to try to commit suicide the attempt didn’t work. I was super depressed and just wanted to die. I felt humiliated gross.. etc. he never let me shower. When we moved he worked right by the house he got to live in because he did farm work. The assault continued to happen. He would put a durag around my mout and zip ties on my hands. He assaulted me orally,anal, and vaginally. He tattooed me. He put his name on my neck etc. he was a gang member and put all the affiliation signs he had on to my body. I was held inside for all days and hours. He would make me hide under this cabinet if he thought a cop was going to come because he was already a registered sex offender. And they could do random check ups. He put a knife to my throat one day when he thought some other guy he worked with was at the house, he told me he was gonna kill me. I remember praying to God so quickly. I thought I was going to die that day. I attempted to leave one day I was so out of shape I could not get far it was in the country he came after me and tried to hit me with his truck and grabbed my hair and put me in his truck. That night the assault was so much worse. There was a night I went with his sisters to the hospital, I said I was bleeding I’m pretty sure from the assault, he made me prove it , he called his sisters and told them to take me to the hospital. So they did. None of them would leave the room. They all stayed in there. I was hoping to leave. All his sisters and mom knew what was going on. None of them chose to help me. They threatened me. And one stepped on me during my pregnancy. The sisters were both twice my size if not three times my size. I was terrified, the next day. I chose to try to run. Either I was gonna get killed or be able to make it . So I ran down the stairs on September 26,2016, I ran down the stairs of his sisters house and out the door. His niece was outside but said nothing. I was pleading for help crying and knocking on doors. Nobody was answering. I began to get very scared. finally a truck drove by I waved them down they took me to the police station. It was all a long process and way more of a longer story. But he got life in prison in March of 2018.



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