Anonymous Story: As if I committed a crime

Anonymous Story: As if I committed a crime

I was 18 in basic training. I was on (KP) kitchen duty when I was sexually assaulted. I was treatied like I did something wrong (they read me my rights as if I committed a crime) but I now know at age 50 that I didn’t do anything wrong. They sent me away to my next duty station and said they were going to give me counseling and punish him. I didn’t have the honor of graduating with my fellow basic trainees even though I earned that right. I meet someone months later that had been in basic training with me who told me he said he was going find me and kill me for getting him in trouble. I have lived in fear every day since she told me that. I love my husband but I can finally admit that I agreed to get married so I could change my last name and have a baby so I could be discharged from the military so he couldn’t find me. A few years ago I tried to get some counseling and requested help from the VA hospital. I was/am still in disbelief to find out they lied to me and there is no record of the assault. I have had so many physical illnesses since I found out and believe it’s a result of finding out the military lied to me and realizing how naive I was to believe them. I still can’t talk to my husband or family about it. Some days I want to fight for the help the military owes me but most days I just want to give up.



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