Anonymous Story: An Open Letter to the Man that Raped My Little Girl and the People that Protected Him

Anonymous Story: An Open Letter to the Man that Raped My Little Girl and the People that Protected Him

** Names in this story were changed**

She’s grown now but she’ll never be able to live life normally. You stole everything from her. You stole her hopes, her dreams and her ability to ever have any sort of confidence in herself or trust in others. How could you have done this to a baby girl and be able to live with yourself? What you did to her is evident in her every breath. When she told on you, your whole family defended you and called her a liar and had her committed. To anyone else this might seem impossible, but it happened; it happened to my little baby girl. When your adult child tells you that she knew what a penis tasted like before she could write her name…..THAT is utter heartbreak. It’s not like me to say things like that at all but this is my baby we’re talking about. I hope that this is taken out of your closet and put on display for all of those around you to see. You don’t deserve to get the privilege of hiding anymore. She can’t hide from what you did to her. She faces it every day.

She has two daughters of her own now. Because of YOU she’ll never be able to leave them alone with anyone. She looks at everyone with that heartbreaking look of suspicion. No mother should spend the joyous years of their little ones childhood being afraid.
That happy little baby girl that God blessed me with is long gone. You stole her from me and all those that truly love her.
I understand that you have children now. I pray that you haven’t done this to them. I do however wonder how their friends parents would feel if they knew your secret.
You are a sick, disgusting pig. You are rapist of the worst kind; a child rapist. You deserve to burn in hell. She and I will never forgive you. Maybe you care what I have to say and then again maybe you don’t. The fact of the matter is that people know what you did and you will always carry that! You must also know that you are an insignificant little wart on this earth; you and all of the other creatures like you. Don’t smugly take sick satisfaction in thinking that you still control her because you DON’T! She’s tougher than any woman I’ve ever known and prepared to defend herself and her daughters now more than ever.

You are NO man. You are a self gratifying slug with no regard for humanity.

As for the family members that called my baby a liar and forced her to face her rapist and then committed her to an institution; you are just as evil and twisted as him and you will NEVER be forgiven. I got my little girl away from you ALL when you did this. She is as happy in her life as can be expected now. But, YOU (yes you J.) and your wife, dad, brothers and your sister will all have to face what you did to that innocent baby for the rest of your sad lives.

Moms: Pay CLOSE attention to EVERYONE in your child’s life. It could literally be ANYONE!
This happened in Cottondale, Florida and he’s still getting away with it! In my daughter’s case he was brought in for questioning and refused a polygraph and was NEVER charged because instead of getting my daughter to a doctor when she told on him, they committed her. There was a lack of evidence which meant he got away with it. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR CHILD PLEASE!!!



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