Anonymous Story: A Poem-Humiliation and the “Falsely Accused”

Anonymous Story: A Poem-Humiliation and the “Falsely Accused”

“That kid gets suspended, expelled, humiliated, his parents are totally ostracized. There is real pain on the other side….. There is a lot of pain on the girl’s side, too.” From

A poem in regard to his humiliation. I wonder what does his humiliation taste like? I imagine much less coppery than my own. Perhaps theirs registers robust with anger and subtle undertones of regret as it aerates in the air between their lips and their lovers’ when they come home from work. Theirs, they say was fermented by a vindictive, crazy women. Perhaps his is unique, perhaps it is distinct, however it lacks an earthiness. My throat fills with blood and cum and vomit and fumes of bleach based cleaners day after day year after year. Mine tastes like decades old, muffled pillow screams no one may ever hear. You are at a wine sampling and I am trapped in the barrel.



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