Anonymous Story: A long time ago…

Anonymous Story: A long time ago…

I was 25, single, had a secretarial job with well-known Fortune 500 company in a big city. I was thinner and probably considered pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. I wore a fall, as many did in the late 60’s. I met a guy sitting next to our booth at Denny’s after the bars closed where my nurse roommate and I went for breakfast…a popular thing to do. He was friendly, a bit flirty. We discovered we worked for the same xyz corporation, in different offices, he in a nearby town. Did I mention he was a very handsome black. We exchanged names. His was easy to remember as it was one of our President’s names. That was that. Anout a week later he was at my door, said he had some steaks in the car and did i want to have a bbq. I said sure, altho in the back of my mind I could not recall giving him my address. I remember thinking I considered myself to be very liberal minded and hated racism. So we bbq’d, had a cocktail or two, then walked to a mearby drugstore where I guess I needed to buy something. We goofed around with Haoween masks and laughed.

When we got back to my place he asked if he could sleep on my couch as his place was being painted and the fumes gave him a headache. I thought it over and said I guessed it would be okay.

So, sure enough, around 1 am he came into my bedroom and raped me. (I had rollers in my hair!) He left and as i walked him to the door shaking my head and told him how he abused my trust. He called me the next day at work. I said I cannot believe you would even think I would talk to you, and i hung up. I blamed myself. It didn’t/doesn’t bother me, because I was afraid to do anything. (My roonnate wasn’t home that night). Did I lead him on. Was it 50:50 guilt situation. I just don’t know. Your thoughts, if any



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