Anonymous Story: A EVIL EVIL FAMILY

Anonymous Story: A EVIL EVIL FAMILY

Where do I begin my story is so horrendous. Lets start from the beginning my mums bf moved in when I was about 7. He was doing everything he shouldn’t have been doing to a 7 year old girl. He done anything and everything apart from intercourse. Also made me do things to him. Everytime he left my bedroom I would cut myself hoping I would die. He was about 35 from what I can remember. He must have said about 300 times when your 16 I am going to do it all the way. When ever he said this my thoughts were In your dreams you physco. He had about 5 male nephews older than me. What he started doing was taking me and my younger sister around their houses and leaving us there overnights. These 5 boys were cousins because they had a connection to my mums side of the family also!!! These 5 also went on to sexually abuse me the eldest was 17 I was 12 at the time this one went all the way and took my virginity. He was the best with all the lies telling me he was doing it because he loved me and cared about me. But it was all Bull.s.
Mums bf also brought his criminal clients to our house to sleep over. One was male one was female. They also took advantage of me. My nans sister s son also got his way and so did another cousin from Cyprus. So altogether 10 DISGUST ING PEOPLE RUINED ME AS A HUMAN BEING…. Now this is the punch line. My nan, uncles & uninvolved cousins still talk to these pigs. When ever there is a wedding or party they all get together to celebrate and guess what me again Im the one in the wrong for not going. They all talk to me like im a lier they all talk to me like im one awkward bitch. Im discusted by them all and Im sick to death of explaining myself 300 times why I wont attended the parties. I want to run away and never speak with them EVER AGAIN I am training to be a counsellor but there is 2 years left. I dont no what to do anymore I still cry and sometimes still self harm.



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