Anonymous Story: 14 Years of Youth

Anonymous Story: 14 Years of Youth

At the age of 14 my friends were all older by atleast a year and all sexually active which meant I felt like there was something wrong with me. I went with two of them to a party with a boy that was 21 at the time and had a good body. I decided to drink as we were going to go home the next day, I was unaware they were all doing drugs and I had let them pour me a drink but thought nothing of it as my friends were there to and in the room even though I was not. I drank and after 2 drinks felt dizzy so embarrassed I went into the bedroom to lie down and the boy I was starting to like walked in with his friend telling me how beautiful I looked, nervous and drunk I laughed at which point his friend grabbed a tie of the floor and tied my arm as the boy I liked tied the other.. I did wonder what was going on but didn’t move as I felt strange soon though they both started touching me and I knew something wasn’t right. I told them to let me go and they proceeded to laugh and pull up my dress. His friend hit me hard enough to make me scream but he had put his hand over my mouth one always kept there hand over my mouth and after 20/30 minutes of them taking it in turns to lick, slap and bite my body I felt the guy I did like at the beginning plunge into me hard I tried not to cry but couldn’t stop myself. It was the worse pain I had ever felt I was instantly sore and couldn’t bring myself to scream. After what felt like a life time of him throwing himself into me he stopped at which point I was realeaved thinking it was over but as i looked up I noticed they were switching and this time his friend forced his hand into me so I let out a yelp. He used his other hand to squeeze at my nipples and the guy with his hand over my mouth replaced it which his penis. As this was in my mouth I felt another thrust into my vagina again while this was going on they still hit me. Every single inch of my body was in agony I hoped it was going to be to much and my body would just shut down but everytime I was close to passing out I received a wack across my breasts or bum just to keep there. They seemed to enjoy my pain as the more I cried the harder he thrust himself into me after 5 hours of them taking it in turns they slept I hadn’t even noticed everyone else had left. I awoke the next morning after little sleep to one of them leaving I thought it was all over however after his friend had gone he continued again to throw himself into me meanwhile he taunted me asking me if I was ready to be a mother and telling me neither of them had refrained from releasing themselves inside me. At 8am I was cut out of the ties and told if I ever told anyone he would make sure it was worse next time. I never spoke a word and still at the age of 22 won’t repeat it.



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