Anonymous Poem: Dear Parents

Anonymous Poem: Dear Parents

Dear parents,
I know you love me
I know there’s a connection
I just don’t see it

I want to tell you, to cry with you about my rape
But the last time i told you of sexual assault you called me a slut
You said if i didn’t dress like a whore nobody would do that to me
How can someone’s crimes be blamed on me
How can it be my fault

He was 18 I’m 15
I was stupid enough to invite him over one night
Home alone
We watched a move then started grabbing me
It was nice at first but then I got uncomfortable and said i don’t want to go all the way
He said it’s ok it’s ok it’s ok
He said I was ready
But I don’t think I was
He held me and it hurt like hell

I still have scars mentally and physically
I want to speak out but I cant
I’m afraid of my parents
I’m afraid he’ll come back and find me



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