Anonymous Story: I was raped

Anonymous Story: I was raped

When I was a freshman in college, there was a guy I was having sexual relations with my fall semester, he failed out going into the spring I met another guy we started dating. I kept in touch with the other guy and he decided to visit that April one weekend some of his friends and of course wanted to see me. At first I was hesitant and I told my boyfriend he did and I was being good about it all day but later that night I couldn’t sleep so my boyfriend said go and see him. When I went over I didn’t know he was drinking and was drunk, we started talking and he kept coming onto me and I said no stop I’m trying to be good and then he forced himself on me and kept pushing me to have sex with him I kept saying no and I realized I wasn’t getting out of the room without having sex with him he put me on the bed and got onto of me and I kept staying no he wouldn’t listen and then he started pulling down my pants and I kept pulling them up and he wouldn’t stop he was really aggressive i just stopped fighting him and was in tears the whole time it was going on. After I left him room and went back to my room put my pjs on and got into bed with my boyfriend and I didn’t want to wake him because we had to be up early the next day because we were going somewhere. And I barely slept that night I couldn’t stop replaying what happen I did the whole way on the trip never said anything to my boyfriend. I wanted to have a good weekend with him. Later that night the guy called me and asked if I was ok and apologized for being so forceful. So I didn’t want to believe he raped me I just said ok. The next day I told my friend and I just pretended I wanted it but I found out he told my boyfriend the next day and my boyfriend wouldn’t talk to me so I had to get his best friend to listen to my side and he only did because he believed my he raped me. He got my boyfriend to come to the room and he looked at me explained the story and then he looked at me and his friend and said he couldn’t even look at me I was so hurt. But my boyfriend eventually helped me through it and I still was in denial about it being raped it took me four years to come to terms with it. I was 18 when it happened.



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