Angel’s Story: You changed my life

Angel’s Story: You changed my life

I thought it was just a hang out my friend told me I would be safe and I believed her that’s the worst mistake I ever made
I was with 3 guys at first it was fun we listened to music laughed until one of them started grabbing me and pushing me on top of him I kept going off I’m not the type to be touchy with people at all he kept putting his hands on me and I kept saying stop. One of the guys grabbed me so hard and said I know you want it and grabbed me and put me hands behind his back and laid me on top of him so I couldn’t move I started to cry and kept saying stop and then the other guy pulled down my pants and raped me then3rd guy covered my mouth so I would stop making loud noises and couldn’t scream the guy who I was on top of then moved me and put my hands on top of me and moved me sideways he raped me too it was so painful I remember just closing my eyes and not even being able to think I started to cry more and I was shaking when he stopped I kept saying please stop please stop and I was in total shock they did this 3 times while The 2 of them took turns doing this to me they would jerk off to me and laugh at me I was so numb and so tired and so sad when they finally stopped I remember just laying there while the third one assaulted me the whole night. You three ruined my life and told everyone a story that wasn’t true I won’t be me ever again I hate my body I hate looking at it seeing the bruises you left on me and laying in the hospital getting a rape kit done my family is broken because of that one night that changed my life forever



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