Angel’s Story: the night my life was ruined

Angel’s Story: the night my life was ruined

I was so angry at my parents I decided to leave the house I went to school and met up with my boyfriend after at a mall I didn’t wanna go home yet and deal with everything that I was going to have to deal with I called my ex best friend too see if she knew anyone I could stay the night with she told me there was 3 guys who she was good with that would let me stay they were at the mall I was at my boyfriend told me it was gonna be a horrible idea and got mad at me and left I went with them I know I seem really really stupid trust me I really feel that on an everyday basis my ex best friend told me she was gonna meet me with them the next day so we could all go to a party together I went to one of the guys houses and it was okay at first we just listened to music and I thought I would be staying in a different room but I thought wrong I was laying in the bed just on my phone and one of them started grabbing me and putting me on top of him I kept saying stop please stop and he wouldn’t the second one kept doing the same too until the first one grabbed me on top of him with my back laying on him and this is where I went into shock he said I know you want this and held my hands behind his back and the second one pulled down my pants and raped me they were cheering eachother on while I was laying there crying trying to be as loud as I could the third one then put his hand over my mouth and told me to stop the second guy who I was on top of pushed me so hard on to my side and then raped me while covering my mouth i was crying so much they stopped and did this 3 times when it all stopped I laid there the whole night feeling disgusted about myself and so depressed the third one assaulted me the whole night when I woke up I left I left so quickly and got to somewhere as quick as I could and texted my mom ( I had no service on my phone ) I could only text her on wifi and she picked me up and took me to the hospital where I got my rape kit done. You three ruined my life everyday I wish I was out of my body feeling this everyday my family is broken I’m broken i hope you burn in hell I will never be the same again



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