Angela’s Story: Surviving Survivor, My Story

Angela’s Story: Surviving Survivor, My Story

Surviving Survivor, My name is Angela and this is My Story,

It has been a number of years since I escaped my abusive relationship, all physical wounds are healed. On January 31st, 2017 I spoke three words ” I will listen” I have been and I felt in my Spirit that it was time for me to but my story in writing. There was Purpose for your pain but up until this point I had only talked about the physical aspect of my abuse, I felt so much shame when it came to the sexual, mental and emotional abuse I endured. About a year and a half ago something happened in my current relationship it was not abusive or cruel but it did trigger something in me. Towards the end of 2017 I began to notice that I had fallen back into that attack mode that I thought I had left behind so many years ago. The truth is I am a survivor still surviving. I am writing my story slowly embracing all God has planed. I have only begun to write my story and all ready I see where I suffered emotional and mental abuse long before I ever met “Jeff” . I always wondered how “Jeff” knew he could get away with doing the horrible things to me he did . He saw me coming, that’s how he knew, he knew I would forgive, justify and eventually accept responsibility for everything he did to me. He knew I had already done it many many times before I ever met him. At this point I am still embarrassed and ashamed so telling my story, even typing this is extremely difficult. No it did not define me but it did change me , how could it not? I am stepping out in faith and trusting that at the end of my story, I finally have peace. Maybe I will even find some forgiveness for myself. Thanks for letting me share have a blessed day



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