Amy’s Story: The PAST and the Present

I am a girl who loves to travel but there are some trips I wish I could forget.the year was 2016 I was 16 at the time. I was on my second trip to Colombia when it happened.i went to my first party , there was drinking and dancing. I danced and drank but being so young I didn’t have a very good tolerance for alcohol. I was tipsy and starting to fade in and out of reality. It felt like the whole world was spinning. Then I was out I started to fade in and out again to find me waking to to a Sharp pain . When I glanced I saw a strange guy I didn’t know taking my virginity. I proceeded to pass out again only to then waking up to him ending on my face . I felt ugly and used . I never thought that’s how I would lose my virginity. Once I started to come back to reality I saw him take money out and give it to someone as he left. After this I hide this from my family for three years it wasn’t until recently that I finally stopped blaming myself for it. All along I thought it was my fault that somehow I made myself believe I was worthless. But then I heard a guy day you either let the situation make you or break you. So I decided to let it make me . And it made me realized I was not alone so I wanted to share my story with you guys hopping if ur like me you let the situation make you not break you.



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