Amelia’s Story: My Rapist Was My Boyfriend

Amelia’s Story: My Rapist Was My Boyfriend

Hey, my name is Amelia. I’m 16, and I was raped by my boyfriend. This is the story of my rape and how I survived and got help.
I met him at school, he was really nice. I really liked him, we got together, but later on. He coerced me, got me to come around his house with lies, and according to rape crisis, he raped me.
I felt so dirty, I was a virgin and it hurt.
But, to me. I never said no. I was too scared.
We continued having sex, and he continued to hurt me and praise me for ‘being a good girl’. He got me sweets every time he did it.
During August, he did it one last time. And I had a mental breakdown, I had cut myself and my parents read through my messages. And at that time, they knew that I was hurt.
Not long after, I joined Rape Crisis and now I’m working on recovery, it’s really hard but I can do it!
Anyone can recover! And now I’m sharing my story to help others.

Remember, it’s never your fault!



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